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 Here are some of my blogs and websites :  is a general blog with tips for a variety of everyday problems. It is a place where I put interesting pieces of information which don't seem to fit in any category. Take a look, you may find something that interests you.  is where I record various ways I've found for people to earn money in an ethical manner. It also has some tests and advice on how to determine just what areas are right for you. 

Here is a website I'm playing with to record my research about new consumer electronics :

I've also started a website to help people who want to learn how to build a website. It will give all the tools you need, even hints how to think like a web designer and how to manage your time . 

But for those in a hurry here is The Best Website building tool I've found: 

Every time I'm tempted to buy some software for building a website I check with the new XsitePro 2.5 and find that the features are already built in. If you are planning to build any sort of website you need this. Using anything else will only give you grief!

I know this because every now and then I get suckered into playing around with some other software and then spend hours and days dealing with help desks. XsitePro 2.5 has an incredible amount of support and video tutorials. 

 Click on this banner to get more information on the best website building software I've found:

website design software 

 You can Watch me build a website using an older version of Xsitepro2 on Youtube. Here is a link to the first Demo.

Just subscribe to my videos and you will be notified as each demo is produced. You can also visit the site I'm building at . But be sure to see the videos as well, so that you get an idea of what I have done and why I made certain choices.



Also, here is a friend's website with great medical info:  Doctor Jamie Gallant ND is always trying to find the safest and most natural way to total health. Sometimes his search leads him into therapies which would leave the rest of us scratching our heads in bewilderment. This is what I enjoy about Dr Gallant. He is willing to explore and test and evaluate a wide variety of therapies. Throwing out the useless and over hyped and fine tuning the effective and esoteric.


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