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Recommended Health Products

This is a list of products and suppliers I have researched, tested, and have confidence in.

Dr Mercola: 

The main reason for recommending Dr Mercola is that he brings a perfect combination of values to the table. I like the fact that he is a passionate health visionary. Everything follows from that vision of helping each individual to have the best health possible.

Dr Mercola's unique focus on the individual and his willingness to abandon sacred health paradigms is the great secret to his success. Others may be content to find some "magic heath formula" and then spend a career implementing and defending it. But Dr Mercola is always testing and exploring. Nothing is sacred and nothing will be held onto just because it is a cash cow!

The nutritional typing program is a good example of this philosophy in action. Once a proponent of the low fat, high fibre diet; Dr Mercola took a critical look at the health of his patients and realized that some thrived and others suffered on a Pritikin style diet. The same happened with an Atkins style diet. So he threw out the easy formulas and investigated nutritional typing. Helping individuals find the diet that was right for them. Suffering and failure ended, and success and health began. Many other Doctors would simply blame the patient, telling them that they may have been cheating or not following the diet, or having no willpower!

This heath philosophy continues in Dr Mercola's evaluation of a variety of products, and services. Of course this means that he is the target of continuous attack from entrenched medical and health professionals. In fact, part of the reason he sells products on his website is to pay for the legal bills. And this is one more reason to buy the health products on Dr Mercola's website. By purchasing any of the recommended health products, you get quality assurance and are supporting someone who is spending his life asking the tough questions for your sake.

I've mention the nutritional typing program, which frees people from guilt and frustration. But there are several other programs which Dr Mercola has integrated into his practice and online recommendations. Several of these techniques seem to be too good to be true...until you try them. He has unleashed the magic in life by simply listening to his patients bodies. Eyesight improves with some simple exercises. Mysterious illnesses vanish through an acupressure technique. Years of psychotherapy avoided through something so simple that most people won't do it because they can't believe it will work! All these are available to everyone on Dr Mercola's website.

I mention products. And yes there are some supplements available, but overall Dr Mercola does not like using pills to ensure health. Yes there are exceptions, and those exceptional health supplements are available to purchase from him. And again, the reason to purchase from is because you get the quality you need. I've been in the pharmaceutical industry and know first hand what a variation of quality is out there. My advice is to buy from a fanatic who puts his reputation behind the product. Yes you can get products cheaper elsewhere, but remember, you don't get healthier by chewing a price tag!



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