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How You as a Woman
Can Rescue Your Finances,
Repair Your Health, and Secure Your Future

86% of Women Give up Their Comfortable Lifestyle

to Retire ... Become one of the 14% who don't.


By the end of next month, you could have extra money flowing into your bank account. You could be feeling relaxed and hopeful about your future for the first time in years. And you could feel that wonderful sense of confidence and empowerment that only comes from success.

All because you signed up for a free subscription to a newsletter.

Within a short period of time, you are going to have an "Aha Moment ."

You're going to look at yourself in the mirror and say: “I can’t believe I’m achieving all this just by trusting my natural instincts as a woman !” The difference in your health, your finances, and your confidence will be noticeable to everyone.  

And here's the best part. It doesn’t matter where you are starting from. You can be young, elderly, wealthy, poor...whatever! No matter where you are in life, you'll be able to do it.


That is my goal for you. And I have very a personal reason for wanting you to succeed.

A Special Invitation for Women Who are Looking for Financial Empowerment

Hello, my name is Sandy Franks.   

If you search the internet about me, you will find that I am a well known, and well respected financial writer.  I’ve been fascinated by the world of high-stakes finance, and have co-authored two books on the subject. I’m honored to have some amazing and successful women as my friends and advisors. But my heart has always been directed toward helping other women.


So you can imagine the shock and horror I felt when financial devastation hit within my own family.

My father-in-law passed away. My mother-in-law was left to sort out all the finances at a time when she was most vulnerable. His pension, the estate, their savings and investments, and so was all on her grieving shoulders.  


Then came the difficult questions:

How much of her life would have to be sacrificed now that he was gone?

How much would be left?


It was heartbreaking to watch.

And honestly, my mother-in-law's crisis was a real eye opener for me. My life’s purpose became clear. Seeing how unprepared she was for this devastation, I decided that it would never happen to me. And I didn’t want it to happen to any other woman either

All of my training, experience, and relationships have prepared me for this cause. That’s why I created this newsletter specifically for women.


I want you to be prepared.

And even more, I want you to be empowered .


Join me …
And Sign Up for The Women's Financial Edge


The Women’s Financial Alliance (WFA) brings The Women’s Financial Edge newsletter to you . We are a community of intelligent, capable women dedicated to helping each other build a secure and comfortable financial future. We want to help you make good decisions and put past financial burdens behind you. We promote a mindset in women that says “I trust my instincts - I can do this.”  

We want that confidence for you as well.

Let’s face it - we women need an edge, a financial edge. We have a unique set of challenges when it comes to meeting our financial goals. Between kids, husband, and career, sometimes we find ourselves in financial situations that we were unprepared for

That’s why we’re inviting you to subscribe to this free newsletter.

Every week, I tap into my network of expert contacts to bring you a variety of golden financial opportunities -  with a very special twist.


Each opportunity, each topic, each offer …

has been designed with our

natural instincts as women in mind.  

All of the tips I send you will have a female-oriented, holistic approach . Some scenarios will fit with your situation and some won’t, but all the suggestions I send will be designed to enrich and empower both you and your family.


After over twenty years of writing for the financial industry, I got sick and tired of the adversarial, winner-take-all approach of Wall Street. I saw through the lies. And I discovered that women have natural financial planning abilities which are usually superior to most of the popular investment services out there.


There are ways for you to make more money than the “traditional” investment options you are being sold. And best of all, these opportunities put the power in your hands, not in the hands of some impersonal stock broker.


At The Women's Financial Edge , we help women be more more aware of these hidden financial treasures. We bring these golden opportunities for women to light. We believe our newsletter is key to building abundance in all areas of your life.  


Each issue of The Women's Financial Edge is teeming with information, insights, guidance, and recommendations from our panel of female experts. These women are best-selling authors, millionaires, and leading female entrepreneurs.


They share their wealth-building and retirement strategies, as well as offer personal finance and health advice, all designed to give you the confidence you are looking for. Confidence to put your natural talents to work.

As you increase in confidence and knowledge, financial decisions become easier and less stressful. After all, they say the best investment is the one that lets you sleep well at night.


At WFE, our number one priority is to see that you have the knowledge , resources, and tools to achieve financial peace of mind - and not just financial peace, but also financial affluence.  


Imagine being financially independent and self-sufficient, never having to depend on a spouse or partner again. That’s our goal.

Here's just a little peek at what we've got in store:

  • Which stocks to buy and which to avoid

  • How to ask for a raise and get it

  • Clever ways to stretch every dollar you earn

  • How to get freebies from Uncle Sam and other institutions

  • Simple ways to generate extra income on a monthly basis

  • How to start your own "kitchen table" empire

  • How to get the best deals on everything from cars, groceries, airfare, clothing and so much more.


I could go on telling you about The Women's Financial Edge , but the best thing really, is to see it for yourself.

Join our community. 

Stop worrying about how to pay for your kids' college tuition. Learn how to handle those unexpected, expensive emergencies.  And you definitely won’t have to worry about being a financial burden on your children.  We help you prepare for all of it, as only a woman can. 

Let’s get started! Sign up for our free newsletter now.



The Women’s Financial Edge


And you’ll also get instant access to this free report to get you started right away:


The Best-Kept Secrets of
Successful Women

Discover some of the top success secrets
from our expansive panel of experts

For example, you’ll discover:

  • 5 critical lessons to building a long-lasting, loving relationship that every kindergartener learns

  • The secret to turning criticism into success, all while having the time of your life


  • Save three to six month’s salary for emergencies, right? WRONG .  Know how much you REALLY need to take care of your family.  (It’s not what you think.)


  • The secret to living a truly rich and fulfilling just 14 words.  (Hint:  It has nothing to do with money)


  • How leaving your personality out of your investment strategy could be costing you thousands of dollars


  • The absolute best way to keep your body and brain young -- without exercise --this technique adds years to your life and vibrancy to your health


  • The little secret that helps you get more done in one day than most people do in a week.

  • Discover this delicious, all natural appetite suppressant that reduces hunger by 28%, destroys dangerous visceral fat, cuts cholesterol and kills inflammation--Your grocery cart should never be without it

And much more.  

Get your FREE copy of The Best-Kept Secrets of Successful Women instantly when you sign up to receive The Women's Financial Edge today! Just enter your email here:

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I look forward to helping you create a comfortable financial future for you and your family.

All the best,

 ( Signature)

Sandy Franks

Publisher, The Women's Financial Edge and Crusader for Women's Rights to Wealth

P.S. Subscribe to the Women’s Financial Edge to build confidence and learn to use your natural instincts to take control of your finances, your health and your future.

P.P.S. Remember in just 30 days, your life can be dramatically different.  I’m excited to hear from you as you share your success.


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